Aries Apparel – In-store Solutions.

December 24th, 2013

In 2007, after raising two athletic daughters and seeing firsthand the lack of women’s and girls’ gear at major sporting retailers, Diana Marsden developed the concept of Aries Apparel with brand designer Scott Truitt. Aries is differentiated by its exceptional customer service and a product mix that focuses on small hard to find vendors, in addition to large major vendors, and unique products for the female athletic world.



Diana identified a gap in the marketplace and conducted research confirming there was great demand. She created Aries Apparel to be more than a store; it would also be an inspirational space and a game-changer for girls who love sports. Diana’s vision was for Aries Apparel to speak to young women, conveying the message that “this athletic store is just for me,” a message women and girls don’t hear anywhere else.


Based on a professional recommendation, she hired Infinity Images to 1) reproduce the designer’s graphic images 2) conduct on-site surveys and 3) create sample boards and recommend material specifications in order to create this inspirational, multidimensional retail experience.


Infinity handled installation during the construction phase, and liaised well with the construction company, for a seamless, on-time installation. Diana was so pleased with Infinity’s quality and professionalism that she used them again for Aries Apparel’s second retail location.

Infinity Images brought talent and professionalism to fulfilling Diana’s vision, and helped Aries Apparel become what customers describe as “the spot for women’s athletic apparel.”

Client Quote:

“What impressed me the most about Infinity Images was that they are very forward thinking and knowledgeable about different ways to produce a visual concept. They have great ideas as well as high quality execution. There are few – if any – limitations to what they can create.”

– Diana Marsden, Owner of Aries Apparel