Bigger. Faster. Better

March 13th, 2017

Our recent additions are making you and your projects look even better!

Spoiled for choice

swissQprint Nyala2. This versatile printer gives you a myriad of exciting options to choose from. Boasting a 126” x 80” print area and capable of printing rigid or roll stock medias, the Nyala2 features 6-color printing, plus white ink and varnish, creating stunning high resolution, 9 pica-litre output. Additionally, we can now offer true, on-demand varnish – including spot, flood, and a new special effect feature called Droptix. This allows for either custom clear texture printing for tactile effects or the ability to print custom lenses that create a lenticular effect that is visually striking.


Highest resolution delivered screamingly fast

Durst Rho 1312. Our upgrade to the NEW Durst Rho 1312 is fast, beautiful, and gives us the same reliable high-capacity output on either rigid or roll-substrates at almost twice the speed and twice the resolution of its predecessor, the Rho 1000. “In a nutshell, the 1000 was great, but the 1312 is phenomenal,” remarked founder of Infinity Images, George Gross. “Our outlook on the future remains positive, with an aggressive plan of upgrading when it makes sense. This will allow us to offer our clients the best possible product in ever-diminishing timeframes.”


Room to move and shake

50,000 square-foot expansion annex. Fresh off the heels of our 2015-16 expansion where we essentially doubled our facility foot-print; 2017 has us doing it again! Higher production capacity and larger, more complex retail roll-outs, all require space ­– and lots of it. We are quickly taking advantage of our new 50k expansion space, which houses materials, provides areas for staging large retail rollouts, serves as an over-flow production area, and is the home of our dedicated 3D department.


Taking production into the Third dimension

3D Department upgrade. Infinity Images has welcomed an additional Product & Display designer who joins our already successful 3D department. Growing the 3D team means that our clients have greater capability to create even more creative and eye-catching dimensional displays and gives us even more ability to “Pre-viz” and engineer projects in the design stages. Additionally, we are adding a CNC router and a laser-cutter which allows for quicker in-house fabrication of wood, metal, and acrylic display elements.


What’s next?


CNC Router. To go along with the addition of new 3D minds, we are also adding new 3D tools to make their visions come to life. We are adding a high-torque, high rpm CNC router which adds significantly to our repertoire of types of materials and types of milling we can produce.


L-star 450 Laser-cutter. Did someone say, dimensional letters? Cutting acrylic letters or any other complex shape will be a much more accurate task with the laser cutter, creating interior cuts as easily as outside cuts, and at the same time, polishing the edges of the material for a finished look. We can also, cut soft steel up to ¼” thick as well as offer etching on many different materials.


Look for even more expansions, upgrades and new capabilities in the near future. For more information on our complete capabilities, or for a tour of our facilities, please call your sales associate, or call 503-232-4544. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!