Charley-Hockey Fan

A 50 year tradition featuring our friend Charley Spilker

March 6th, 2019

Year after year friends and family members gather around to celebrate the 75 years strong, boys high school hockey tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Long time infinity images employee Charley Spilker and his friend Scott Martinson have created a 50 year tradition that began from their shared love towards Hockey.

Soon the tradition met a fork in the road when Charley and his family decided to move to Portland, Oregon in 1989. Although relocating to the northwest was a big move for Charley,  distance didn’t stop him from continuing to go back to Minneapolis, Minnesota every year to experience another hockey tournament with his friend Scott.

Something we can all learn from Charley and Scott is the importance of friendship and building a tradition that allows us create meaningful memories we can always look back on and share a smile with the people we care about.

Now that might leave you feeling eager and wondering..

Who is going to be the upcoming, home town hero this year?

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