Sustainability Policy

Infinity Images commits to operating and integrating environmental health & safety (EHS) matters into all business operations. We work in conjunction with our vendors and clients to take advantage of sustainable products and processes whenever possible without compromising quality and performance.

We follow all applicable EHS and labor regulations and implement programs and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance.

Infinity Images continuously seeks opportunities beyond regulatory compliance to incorporate pollution prevention, energy savings, material reuse, and recycling to enhance our sustainability. We conduct bi-annual internal audits and document our processes to ensure continuous improvement. Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) shall audit our sustainable processes and documentation bi-annually.

We established and will continue to improve our Accident Prevention Program designed to ensure our business activities safeguard human health, safety, and the environment.

  • We monitor and company with all applicable EHS regulations.
  • We monitor and comply with all Federal, State, and local labor laws to ensure a happy and healthy workforce.
  • We utilize equipment that maximizes the health and safety of our employees.
  • We continuously find ways to reduce our VOC emissions.
  • We minimize the amount and toxicity of waste and ensure safe treatment and disposal.
  • We use and repurpose post-consumer recycled products and biodegradable products throughout our facility whenever possible.
  • We give the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses a top priority.

We communicate our commitment to sustainability, as well as our sustainability performance to all our stakeholders, including employees, vendors, customers and the community. We solicit their input in meeting our goals and offer help to meet these goals.