People, Technology, and the Need for More Space (2)

December 20th, 2013

Throughout the years of working with major brands, we have realized that to keep relationships flourishing, we must concentrate on people, technology and space. In the last couple of years, we have actively recruited great talent and added advanced equipment to make sure we continue providing the best quality products for our large scale retail clients.

The response has been nothing less than enthusiastic. Through our valued client partnerships we produce on average 3.5 complex retail roll outs a week. These initiatives involve a high level of organization and usually distribute between 179 to 550 ship to locations each ship date.

These increases in program management and distribution have led to our inevitable facility size expansion. We are pleased to announce the addition of our 10,000 square foot distribution facility, affectionately known as “The Annex”!

Looking into the not so distant future, expect announcements on additional services, products and definitely MORE space, as we complete plans for an additional 14,000 square foot expansion. Our goal is to continue to build a company that is efficient, innovative and can flex with the complex demands of our clients’ retail initiatives.