Music by Badrich

April 6th, 2016


If you’ve worked for Infinity Images, for any length of time, then you’ve been privileged to have lunch provided, as often happens during peak production times. You have also, doubtlessly heard the distinctive call of a crow and a squealing pig, broadcast over the network of phone speakers and bullhorns, scattered ‘round the building. No lunch seems complete without this Infinity tradition, and the performance of the obligatory call is not duplicable, by anyone other than our very own Jason Goodrich.

You may have known, for the past 11 years or so, he is the voice behind the call, but did you know he is also a talented and unique musical mind?

It all began in 1994, when his love and fascination for all types of musical genre and movie sound creation posed the question in his mind, “how do they create those cool sounds?” So began his musical journey.

By 1996, he was purchasing recording equipment, PC’s, music mixing software, microphones, and any other types of tech gear that he could “MacGyver” together to capture sounds and create his unique brand of music. He describes his music as: complex drums and sound patterns that create ambient backings made from effects, and field recordings.

He loves obtaining .wav files of sounds from friends, so he can shape and rearrange them, then put the digitally modified sounds to drumbeats. He also can be seen recording other natural sound sources or motorized equipment, like printing presses, with their unique, motor sounds, grinding gears, hisses, creaks and pops, all with the idea of tearing them apart digitally and reconstructing them into original sequences, rhythms and compositions. Through a process of layering, precise timing, and artistic interpretation, he makes his auditory creations.

Jason’s online pseudonym is Technicolor Yawn, by Badrich, and his otherworldly music can be heard online at He also creates all of his own original cover art, showcasing his visual artistic vision.

I, being a music lover and a purchaser of his music, highly recommend giving it a listen. Enjoy.