Infinity Employees in Slow-motion

April 29th, 2016


What do you get when you take an old building, fill it full of Astro-turf, throw in a small but very dense soccer ball and a bunch of enthusiastic Infinity Images employees? You get a fun time in “Slow-motion!”

After retiring as coach from his kids’ recreational soccer league, Senior Project Manager Don Brown was looking for a way to increase his activity level when a friend invited him to join a co-ed Futsal team. Conveniently, the team would play at the newly opened Rose City Futsal facility less than a mile from Infinity.  The real draw for Don was that these ‘rookies’ were, like him, just looking to have fun and get their hearts pumping.

As Don became more involved he eventually took over the helm of team manager and began recruiting his Infinity coworkers. He now is joined by: Robert Cameron, Prepress Op — Kevin Elser, Print Op — Jose Villagomez, Finishing Specialist — Julien, a temp helper, and Chris Gross,George’s wife. He also recruited, Jessica Bruce, from our long-time client, Henry V.

Don points out the team’s name, Slow-motion, is how the team members feel they are moving at times. The final score is not the point of participating for most. They show up to have a good time, blow off the cares of the day, and get a good sweat on. Afterwards, Clive’s, the in-house pub, serves up a variety of beers to cap off a great game.

For those of you, myself included, who don’t know about Futsal, it is a variant of indoor soccer that was first created in Uruguay in the 1930’s to be played on a basketball court with two teams of 5 players on the court at a time. It is a fast paced game which uses a smaller, dense soccer ball that keeps the ball lower to the ground and encourages footwork and passing skills. The 48-minute game can be a real workout but mercifully allows for unlimited player substitutions.

The team plays every Wednesday night, an occasional Friday evening, and is looking to add one or two more men to the roster. If you are interested in playing or just want to show up and cheer on the team, talk to Don and he will hook you up with all of the details. Experience is not necessary, just a desire to chase a little ball and not be afraid to have a blast!