Community Crock Pot Coalition

April 6th, 2016

Beef Stew in a slow-cooker ready to serve.

I was wandering through the shipping department recently and saw an impressive list of recipe names on Kylie’s dry erase board, right under all of the daily jobs that were being shipped out. I asked myself, ‘Were we sending out an accompanying hearty meal with each expertly packaged and scheduled job going out the door, or was some other type of gastronomical organization taking place?’ I had no choice but to ask.

Turns out, the shipping team had an idea in December 2015, about doing a community crock pot lunch on a daily basis, and by January 1, they made it happen. People who wanted to be involved, put money in a pot, ingredients would be purchased, then they would be combined in the crock pot, “set it, and forget it”, and four hours later lunch is served.

The benefits have been many and quite appreciated by all. First, people who may neglect preparing lunch for various time-related, or financial reasons have been saving time, money and gas by not having to go out for lunch; as well, I’m told, soda pop consumption is down an impressive 50%. To boot, they all have been eating healthier, hearty meals to rave about, even posting highlights on the web. Many of the team members are even learning how to cook, how to season food without measuring devices, and how they should respect the sharpness of Cutco knives!

Our very own “Lunch lady” Kylie Gray, who head’s up the lunchtime movement says, “no one is turned away.” If you’d like to participate, see her about contributing to the pot and show up in the South lunchroom around noon. The daily menu varies depending on what’s on sale, what sounds good to all involved and meals are planned to consider peoples sensitivity to spiciness or lactose tolerance, just to name a few.

For myself, I think this is great example of team building and looking out for our fellow coworkers and if you agree, stop by the shipping department and let Kylie know.