“Rho”-ing Our Boat to the Future

April 12th, 2012

New Rho1000_6x4

At Infinity Images, we are constantly evaluating and asking questions; like, “What does our customer want,” and “How can we best provide those services?” The answers we most often hear are, “Higher capacity, improved print quality, and faster turnaround”; and then “We need higher efficiency, higher resolution printers, and improved processes.”

After some research, the obvious solution to these questions was to invest in productivity enhancing equipment to dramatically expand our capacity and to improve our workflows by introducing new enterprise management software and re-orienting our production workspace.

To find new equipment which met our criteria, we embarked on an eleven-month journey which took us across the globe, from New Hampshire, Toronto, Kansas City, Atlanta, Belgium, Germany, and finally, Lienz, Austria. We spent significant time at each facility, testing print speed, material handling, workflow, various materials, ink adhesion, maintenance, and printing cost per unit of area. To make certain we had an accurate view of what we would eventually be buying, we used our client’s files in a variety of sizes, resolutions, and combinations on each machine. Our entire staff evaluated the resulting test prints through a blind test. After all of the traveling, testing, and number crunching, we made the decision to purchase the Durst Rho 1000.

So in January, after certifying it at the factory, we installed a Durst Rho 1000. It’s a massive machine, built almost entirely at Durst’s factory as opposed to being assembled from disparate parts from around the globe. It arrived by air freight and was installed over a 3-week period. The machine’s size and capabilities required us to refurbish our building move equipment around, and create new workflow processes.

The Rho 1000 is a hybrid flatbed/roll UV inkjet printer, capable of incredible print speeds up to 5,400 square feet per hour (that equates to 150 – 4′ x 8′ boards per hour). Its hybrid flexibility allows us to print on sheet stock, heavy or thick materials, thin materials, or roll media easily. The print quality is excellent even at maximum speeds with no apparent banding. Of special interest is the ability to control the sheen from gloss to satin or matte finishes as well as spot gloss using variable UV curing. Finally, the modular design enabled us to add a master roll feed system, a precisely registered auto feed system for continuous printing and/or registered double sided prints, and an automated output stacking system. We can add more in line equipment in the future.

These unique capabilities enable us to serve our customers better and we thank them for the wish list that led us to this moment. In the near future, we will announce more applications which will benefit our customers.

We here at Infinity Images continue to look for opportunities to improve and better serve our customers. With the recent investment of the Durst Rho 1000, we believe this will be the first of many advances and investments to help our customers not only reach their marketing goals but far exceed expectations. We look forward to chatting with you about solutions to your next marketing campaign.