First Durst Rho 312R in North America!

February 2nd, 2013

Infinity Images has added their second piece of Durst inkjet equipment: a highly productive 3.2 m roll-to-roll printer, and the first Rho 312R press in North America. Durst is excited to have this second piece of technology land inside Infinity Images.

Infinity Images, a large-format printer focused on retail and sportswear marketing, has key accounts that include global powerhouses Nike, adidas, and Columbia Sportswear. From their 40,000-square foot facility in Portland, Infinity Images

employs top-of-the-line Inkjet and Photographic print technologies to produce an array of printed signage, murals, and branded marketing including fabric soft signage. The company’s 52 employees deliver a unique, program-managed client care solution, for the reactive workflow times that the retail, sportswear, and specialty apparel vertical markets demand.

When Infinity Images CEO George Gross needed to add roll to roll printing to his firm’s production capacity, he evaluated all the options on the market and then spent two days at the Durst factory testing the Rho312R prior to its introduction to the market. The new Durst Rho 312R is the only machine which met the company’s need for ten-foot capability, white ink, high resolution, high throughput, and consistent and reliable operation. Mr. Gross knew from experience with the Rho 1000 that Durst makes some of the most reliable, efficient, precise, and well-supported printing equipment in the world. In the first eighteen months of operation, the Rho 1000 has not been down even one day for a non-scheduled maintenance issue. Additionally, the Rho 312R includes a variety of productivity enhancing features not available from other manufacturers which substantially improve the throughput of roll to roll printing.

Says Gross, “This is the newest and best technology in our market area and it definitely sets us apart. We are very proud to be the first in North America with a Durst Rho 312R! Had we been able to take it right off the floor at ISA we would have been first in the world. The machine was immediately used to produce several hundred banners and will shortly be used to print the banners lining an entire football stadium and the signage for several nationwide retail initiative displays.”

Durst US says, “We are very pleased that the team at Infinity has moved forward with our newest roll to roll platform and we look forward to continuing the successful relationship which started with our Rho 1000.”

Infinity Images is proud to employ this innovative technology –and excited at the additional capabilities the Rho 312R will empower them to deliver in their growing business.