2.9 acres in 2 months!

August 26th, 2014

Our Durst Rho 312R is due for its 6-month maintenance. We’re thrilled because it only took 2 months of printing and 2.9 Acres of media to get there.

“The machine is amazing, says Lead Press Tech, Kris Wilson. “It has made printing banners and roll-stocks so much easier and faster, it is unbelievable.”

With a smaller pico-litre dot and alternate pass overlapping technology the Rho 312R can produce a higher quality print in a fewer number of passes. It also features many more options when it comes to printing banners and roll-media. On-the-fly quality and positioning adjustments allow for fixing image issues like banding, color shifts, or misalignments without stopping the press and resetting. It also has dual-roll capabilities, which allow for printing two different images at once, doubling our efficiency and our capacity. And, with our splitter knife attachments, the prints can be trimmed as they come off the printer.

All of this new roll-stock capability has freed up our work-horse, the Durst RHO 1000, to do what it excels at, printing direct to rigid stock. “Both of our RHO’s have exceeded our expectations, they take the headache out of printing problematic materials and complex printing processes” exclaims Kris.

So you see, we couldn’t be happier to stop our press for its well-earned scheduled maintenance.

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