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How to Install Silicone-edged Graphics

Silicone-edged graphics offer an amazingly versatile and affordable way to get your message out to the world. A silicone gasket is sewn to a dye-sublimated stretch fabric, then installed into an aluminum frame. The benefits are a light-weight, durable, dynamic graphic that anyone can install, making change-out with a new graphic a cinch. Here is a short “How-to” video showing the basic steps of installation. For more information on SEG graphics contact us by clicking this LINK, or call your Infinity Images representative.

1) Start installing the graphic at the corners first. Simply roll under the silicone edge and press straight down into the aluminum channel. Repeat for all corners of the structure.

2) From the center of each side, press the silicone edge into the aluminum channel, working your way, side to side to the corners.

PRO-Tip#1: Don’t over-stretch the Silicone edge laterally (side to side), as this will cause the graphic to pucker and cause wrinkles in the corners.

PRO-Tip#2: Use a thin piece of plastic, like a debit card, to press in the corners and stray strings to finish up the installation if needed.