Diversity Statement

Infinity Images is a large format graphics printing company that strives to be the best in the industry.  In addition to constantly upgrading our work-space and equipment, we understand that we can’t get there without hiring great people.

A workforce that is compiled of employees from all walks of life brings a depth of understanding to our work that would be lost in a homogeneous environment.  But although it starts with welcoming people with the skills and work-ethic we are looking for, our greatest responsibility is to support them such that, year over year, they continue to gain the confidence that comes with experience and mentorship.

At Infinity Images, 90% + of our new hires come from temp or placement agencies.  The companies we continue to use:

  • Have a strong online presence which welcomes everyone
  • Have outreach programs
  • Assist persons with barriers to employment

Over the last four years, we have nearly doubled our population and changes to the mix of people really show with the increase of Asian, black and multi-ethnic employees.  This also correlates to a decrease in employees self-identifying as white.  In addition, sales, supervisory, project management and design departments have all benefited from a significant increase in the number of women in those roles.

To support people from all sectors, we:

  • Are located in an area of the city close to multi-unit housing, a park, dog park and within walking distance of stores and restaurants
  • Offer free Tri-Met passes and are close to public transportation
  • Encourage biking to work
  • Keep employee benefit costs low
  • Have a robust recycling program
  • Hire from a vast pool of candidates from qualifying temp or placement agencies
  • Pay a living wage
  • Offer diversity training to management

A diverse workforce offers limitless possibilities.  Loyalty, work-ethic, and attention to detail are priorities that start with top-level management and it shows.  We wouldn’t be the success we are today without the dedicated people that make it all happen, and this is evident with our growing list of loyal customers, partners, vendors, and employees.