An Artisan’s Workshop.

Creating museum-quality installations requires a deft finishing touch. The final applications, mounting, sewing, and hand-wrapping all work in concert to make each project a success. The finishing process requires just as much professionalism and technique as any other in the printing industry, and the results are easy to see.

That’s why we devote considerable time and energy making sure that our finishing department sees their work as the fine art that it is. When perfection is the goal, staff develop a keen eye for even the smallest details. We employ true artists like photographers and sculptors for our finishing process, fully confident in their passion for high-quality work.


Other Finishing Work We’ve Done

project preview


Task: Colored vinyl wrap


Task: Custom-built modular mannequin platforms, and vibrantly colored in-store graphics, highlight diversity in athletics.


Task: Neon lights make this window a sight to be seen, especially at night!


Task: Wooden paneled direct print graphic on to Apple-ply plywood, with routed channels, and reverse cleat installation.